About Us

About Us

Family at Koh Tao beach

In 2014 I did a workshop at my yoga studio “Crafting your dream.” We were encourage to write a dream in the present tense and this is how mine went “I am living and travelling in Asia and Samoa with my family” and “I am doing my yoga teacher training”

“Crafting the Dream”

I remember sending my husband an email from work one day saying “Hey what do you think about selling up and travelling around south-east Asia for 6 months than head to Samoa?” his reply with so much excitement “sounds good.”

Since that day nearly a year and a half ago we started to research, read and try to plan this trip of a life time. We decided to save as much as we could, book a one way ticket to Malaysia than make shit up as we go with no real plan and the best part nowhere to be. 

We never had the opportunity to travel alone as we started our family very early on (think unplanned pregnancy haha) so have always traveled with our boys. We love being able to travel with the kids and with our first overseas trip to Phuket with them in 2013 we experienced what it was like to see the world through their eyes.

Please follow us on this journey full of fun, adventure, curiosity and I’m sure at some point frustration and tears. We hope we can share a part of the world through our eyes and our experiences.