“But what about your kids?”

This is something we heard from many people before leaving Sydney. “But what about school?  How are they going to learn?  What did the school say?  What about when they get back?  You don’t want them to fall behind, how are they going to integrate back into mainstream education?” We found our decision to pull […]

Kuala Lumpur. How are we really going?

I mentioned in a FB post about how the last four days hasn’t been all “happy happy joy joy.” What do I mean by that? Before we left Australia, Gerhard and I would sit around and talk about what it would be like. “It will be so much fun” “the kids will learn so much” […]

“You’re so lucky”

  We have heard this line time and time again since we started sharing with people what we are doing. Luck? It wasn’t luck. We just wanted it bad enough that we made it happen. As a little girl I always wanted to travel. I started my travel journey at 7 years old. Mum would fly […]