Real Talk

We’re back… and its not the same

February 2016 was the month our family felt every fucking emotion under the sun. Excitement, empowerment, fear, loss, nervousness, sadness, doubt, love and gratitude. You name it. We felt it.   Before we set foot on that one way flight to Kuala Lumpur we had stripped our selves of possessions, our jobs, friend and family. […]

Poor. What does that mean?

Our neighbors were getting their drinking water delivery. Out of nowhere Mattaeus comes out with “they are poor because they can’t drink tap water”.   *Ding ding ding, learning opportunity*   Me: “What does poor mean?” Mattaeus: “Mum it means they don’t have an oven and they sleep on the floor. They don’t have blankets […]

Money: Things don’t always go to plan

Money, money, money. Don’t they say it’s what makes the world go round? For us it’s what’s funding our trip! Some people ask “So where will you be working?” Well we aren’t. We are trying our best to travel for 1 year on our savings. Once that money runs out its time to get our […]

Life’s Too Short

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and sometimes people don’t always hang around like you expect. I recently had to say good bye to my cousin who at the young age of 20 tragically died in a car accident. Here is what I have learnt.   Lesson 1: Life if too fucken short It literally […]

“You’re so lucky”

  We have heard this line time and time again since we started sharing with people what we are doing. Luck? It wasn’t luck. We just wanted it bad enough that we made it happen. As a little girl I always wanted to travel. I started my travel journey at 7 years old. Mum would fly […]