Life’s Too Short

Life’s Too Short


This will be sewn into our backpacks to take him for a ride around Asia and where ever else we end up. Chur!

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and sometimes people don’t always hang around like you expect. I recently had to say good bye to my cousin who at the young age of 20 tragically died in a car accident. Here is what I have learnt.


Lesson 1: Life if too fucken short

It literally can ripped away from you when you least expect it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you have, what color your skin is you don’t know if you will wake up tomorrow. When a message like this hits you hard you start to really think about what is important in life and for me its just be happy. Keyword is BE. It takes a lot of energy worrying about yesterday and tomorrow and a lot less when you are just in the moment. For me I can see and hear everything around me more clearly because all my energy is poured into the now.


Lesson 2: Don’t be a cunt

Simple really. We all have the capability to be a good person. To listen to others, to give where you can and I’m not talking about money (which is great if you can) I’m talking about giving your time to others. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the gossip, the hating and wanting to cut other people down. Maybe it’s because we have areas in our life that we are insecure with so we pick on others to make ourselves feel better? I’m not sure. Something Gerhard and I are working on.


Lesson 3: Be Open

Life has thrown us a few curve balls in the few months with the passing of Gerhard’s Aunty, two customers at my previous job, a distant cousin, mums cousin and now my cousin. Too many people in a few months. As much as it’s been a challenge we have learnt the more open we are to whatever comes towards us we deal with things so much better. We have 3 weeks till we leave for our trip and had this grand “plan” on what days we will pack, shop, go to the bank, say farewell to people, put the blog up, sell stuff etc. And guess what? We have done fuck all and that’s ok. It will get done I’m sure just the way we wanted it to happen. Trust the process.

We wanted to honor Josh’s life and not only remember who he was but learn something from him and practice who he was and that’s to be a good person, work hard, look after others and be honest. Seeing death so close to us has cemented for us why we need to travel. It’s what we love to do and there is no better time than now because tomorrow might never come.




Josh Bike

RIP Josh xx

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