Saying Goodbye

Saying good bye can bring up a lot of emotions. Sadness, anxiety, gratitude, appreciation, fear and love. As a family we have managed to go through every single one of these in the last 7 days. There has been many late nights, with Gerhard and I starting the conversation with “What a day!!” followed by […]

Packing up

It’s something that has to be done. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes!! BUT it’s been an interesting experience so far and let me tell you why.   We realised we have a lot of stuff and it’s just that. Stuff. We have managed to accumulate so much shit over the years that […]

Life’s Too Short

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and sometimes people don’t always hang around like you expect. I recently had to say good bye to my cousin who at the young age of 20 tragically died in a car accident. Here is what I have learnt.   Lesson 1: Life if too fucken short It literally […]

“You’re so lucky”

  We have heard this line time and time again since we started sharing with people what we are doing. Luck? It wasn’t luck. We just wanted it bad enough that we made it happen. As a little girl I always wanted to travel. I started my travel journey at 7 years old. Mum would fly […]

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